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ATLASTIC CT-30 Rated to 200°F

After extensive testing by ATLAS Research & Development Team, ATLASTIC CT-30 Membrane, a trowel applied urethane asphaltic product that can be applied to concrete and steel, now has a temperature rating of 200° F! Refer to ATLAS TDS 4-30PI on our website by clicking here.

ATLASTIC CT-30 is trowel-applied after proper mixing. No heating, no kettle with an open flame, and no danger of moving a “hot tar bucket” of material.

Safety requirements have changed over the years. The days of having an open flame heating unit on a work site or in an operating facility are not without difficulty in obtaining a hot zone permit, if available at all.

A trowel-applied membrane is more efficient, cures at room temperature, and is considered low odor. Low odor allows the use of ATLASTIC CT-30 in operating facilities without special ventilation.

Check out our ATLASTIC CT-30 Membrane video below.

ATLASTIC CT-30 Membrane has a proven history of successful use and is an excellent alternative to both of our hot applied membranes, Atlastic 40 and 50 Membranes.

ATLASTIC CT-30 can be used as an expansion joint sealant for tile, brick, concrete and resinous floor coating installations providing 300% tensile elongation. It can also be used as a sealant between concrete substrates and ferrous, galvanized or aluminum structures, such as drains and grating seats.

ATLASTIC CT-30 is offered in both horizontal and vertical grades for construction on not only floors but primary or secondary containment structures.


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