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Polypropylene Pickling Tank Project

Finished Tank

After 12 years of uninterrupted service, a steel pickling company came back to Atlas for replacement of polypropylene pickling tanks we originally built for them in 1993 and again in 2007. This time they required replacement steel frames to house the pickling tanks. The original steel frames coated with Zerok 101 and lasted 26 years!

New steel frames were fabricated and coated with Rezklad E-Hi Build 115-C, a carbon-filled novolac epoxy coating, for resistance to the aggressive acid solution in the tanks.

The customer had a reoccurring issue with a sediment building up within their tanks and hardening leaving concrete like patches of build up inside of the tanks and on the heaters. Due to this, we were asked to redesign the tanks to have nothing inside and have square corners.

Old Tank

New Tank

Scrubber Ducts & Polypropylene Skins

Placing Tank Inside Of Frame

Fabrication of the tanks took just shy of 12 weeks with one week of field work to pull everything together. We water tested each tank to ensure no leaks existed prior to install. A special thanks to our plastic fabrication department who worked very hard to make sure the customer’s deadline was met.

The customer has a unique ventilation system for their acid fume scrubbers which have the fumes being drawn underneath the tanks and out. This required notches in the tank along either side on the top and polypropylene “skins” bolted to the outside of the frames to create a near air tight system to effectively remove the hazardous fumes. It took the drilling and tapping of over 3,000 stainless steel bolts to attach the skins and create that seal!

Fabrication From Start To Finish

All trades met their required deadlines, which led to one very happy customer in the end.



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