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Corrosion Protection Solutions for Truck Loading/Unloading Bays

Truck loading/unloading stations are essential to the lifeline of a production facility.

Loading/Unloading bays see a significant amount of heavy traffic. Truck tires often have debris trapped within treads which causes surface degradation. Hose bibs can be destructive when dropped and chemical spills can create environmental issues.

A customer had grown tired of the need and expense of constant repair to their truck unloading bay, as well as the down time and lost production associated with continued maintenance.

Previously applied coatings and linings demonstrated issues within a short time. The goal was to find a lining system that would withstand the demanding physical requirements and more importantly provide environmental protection along with a safe and dry work area.

Before Anchor-Lok

Anchor-Lok was the solution.

Anchor-Lok was installed in a loading/unloading bay as a trial run for a few months.

Atlastacrete E-5000 polymer concrete was used to provide both mechanical and chemical protection for the curbs. Atlastacrete E-5000 has a compressive strength exceeding 13,000 psi so it can take the abuse. It also provides outstanding chemical resistance to a broad range of reagents.

The below pictured installation incorporated a bi-directional slope for fast and efficient draining to a central sump.

With Anchor-Lok

Placing Anchor-Lok in a horizontal position does require some expertise. A high strength (5,000 psi) grout bedding is employed, the Anchor-Lok panels are placed and tamped to push air out, and plywood is then placed on top and weight added to secure panels to the substrate.

After the trial period of several months, the customer elected to have Anchor-Lok installed at additional facilities. Applications expanded from lining their loading/unloading stations to lining sumps, trench runs and secondary containment basins.

Ask Atlas to solve your corrosion and environmental problems for your next project!



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