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Atlas VTF System
For more than 115 years, Atlas Minerals & Chemicals has been developing and manufacturing the world’s most reliable CCM (Corrosion-Resistant Construction Materials), Epoxybond® repair products, industrial compounds, and oxidized asphalt . Atlas also specializes in custom plastic fabrication.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Atlas provides customers around the world with end use solutions across an endless array of specialized industries. Our long history includes countless industry firsts, and our future holds day after day of new innovations designed to make your job easier.

For more information on Atlas products or to schedule a meeting with an Atlas representative, contact us today or call 800-523-8269.


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Atlas Products
Corrosion-Resistant Construction Materials Corrosion-Resistant Construction Materials
  Atlas offers an array of CCM products designed to protect concrete and steel surfaces from chemical and physical abuse.
Epoxybond Epoxybond
  Atlas offers Epoxybond putties, glues,
and wood restoration products for home,
plumbing, pool, and marine repairs.
Industrial Compounds Industrial Compounds
  Attention to every detail ensures that
Atlas industrial chemicals and specialties
meet our customers’ most exacting
quality standards.
Asphalts Asphalts
  A variety of base fluxes, resins, modifiers,
waxes, and fillers allows Atlas to
manufacture highly specialized oxidized
asphalt products.