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Every Atlas product reflects its innovative spirit and 130 years of experience, bringing to you a unique combination of vision and capability that makes for a true industry leader.


Established in 1892, Atlas Minerals & Chemicals has been developing and manufacturing industry premiere CCM (Corrosion-Resistant Construction Materials), EPOXYBOND® Repair Products, Industrial Compounds, and Oxidized Asphalts.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Atlas provides customers around the world with solutions across an array of specialized industries. Our 130 year history includes countless industry firsts, and our future holds continued innovations and industry solutions.

For more information on Atlas products please contact us today or call 800-523-8269.

Atlas' Spirit of Innovation

1935: Introduced VITROBOND®, the first plasticized hot-pour sulfur cement.

1956: Introduced REZKLAD® epoxy floor topping.

1988: Developed ATLASTIC® 55 Sheet Membrane for industrial vessels.

Atlas Products, Epoxybond

Epoxybond  Pool Putty


  • Simple 1-to-1 mix…Cut – Mix – Fix 

  • Will not yellow, shrink or sag 

  • No need to drain pools…Cures under water 

pool putty, Epoxybond

Join the Atlas Family, we have career opportunities to grow our future together.


Product Questions?


Our FAQ page has answers to many common questions of our popular products. 


Product FAQ Listing:

  • Anchor-Lok

  • Atlastic 55 Sheet

  • Chempruf 141

  • Chempruf 2211

  • Epoxybond Pool Putty

  • Vitrobond

  • VTF Novolac Grout

  • VTF Setting Bed


Atlas Blog

Check out our latest company and product news. 


DIY and Household


Atlas offers a family of Epoxybond products to assist you with your

common household repairs.

Household Products
  • Household Repair Epoxy Putty

  • Epoxybond Plumber Seal

  • Pool Putty

  • Plumber Seal Putty

  • Plumber Paste

  • Cure-Rot

  • Waterproof Sealant

  • And More!

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