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Vitrobond® Capping Compound

Vitrobond is a mineral-filled, sulfur-based compound formulated for capping concrete test cylinders. It is easily melted, pours smoothly, possesses high compressive strength and gives consistent test results. Vitrobond has been used for many years by independent testing laboratories, pre-stressed concrete structures manufacturers and federal, state and local testing agencies. This compound is suitable for running compressive strength tests upon high strength concrete. 

Vitrobond offers the following advantages: 

  • Ready-to-use—just melt and pour

  • No mixing or possibility of low strength or erratic results from improper proportions 

  • Does not require controlled room temperature or humidity conditions during pouring of caps 

  • Does not require moist curing or other tedious handling procedures 

  • Not affected by dry cylinders Can be tested two hours after cooling 

  • Virtually no settling in the melting pot, thus, results are uniform from cylinder to cylinder

Data Sheet
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